Hemorrhoids can strike any of us due to various conditions, but a common group affected by hemorrhoids happens to be women who are pregnant. Why is this? It’s not a fun topic, but it is a reality.  During pregnancy, women can see an increase of blood volume, leading to the uterus pressing against your pelvis. This causes veins in your rectum and anus to enlarge into large marble sized formations or clusters. Once the baby is delivered these will go away and you can get back to your normal life! 

When you are pregnant there are several ways to increase your chance of fending off these annoying occurrences.  Fiber is key to this. Constipation is a cause of hemorrhoids. A healthy diet filled with fiber rich food can aid in keeping your bowel movements regular.

Fiber Rich Foods:

-Fresh Fruit (Raspberries, Pears and Apples)

-Whole Wheat/Grain Bread

-Breakfast cereal (not the sugary kind!)



-Brown Rice

-Vegetables (Peas and Broccoli)

Staying Regular

Also, as we preach heavily here, DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Water is the best natural way to keep you regular. Water softens your stool and allows you to have easier bowel movements.

Your health is important, especially when you are growing a new life within! Be sure to take care of yourself and consult your doctor for specific dietary instructions for you better health!

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