External Hemorrhoids can be treated and healed with all natural methods that do not require the need for surgery.

What Causes External Hemorrhoids?

The main external hemorrhoids cause appears to be pressure exerted on the vessels that supply blood to the hemorrhoidal cushions in the anal region. The pressure on these vessels may come from one or more causes including digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea, sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time, sitting too long, obesity and/or excess weight,  and pregnancy.

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids can easily be detected by a physical examination of the anal region. These are typically characterized by a fleshy growth around the anal area that is felt as hard lumps. External hemorrhoids are mostly brownish in color and they cause irritation, itching, and, in many cases, bleeding. Rectal pain is also one of the more common symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids:

There is an all natural product called H-Hemorrhoids Formula that is very effective in helping your body heal without the need for having surgery.  Healing Natural Oils, the company that makes the oil, has been helping people treat Hemorrhoids since 2001. The formulas are made from all natural ingredients and are 100% safe and effective to use in the treatment of both Hemorrhoids and Bleeding Hemorrhoids.

Treating Hemorrhoids is very similar to how you would treat an anal fissure.  Please read my article Top 10 Ways To Heal Your Anal Fissure As Fast As Possible for things that you can do to help heal your Hemorrhoids all naturally.