Hemorrhoids is the medical condition in which the blood vessels in the lower rectal area become swollen and cause discomfort, pain, itching, and irritation. Sometimes, they can also cause bleeding from the rectal area while having a bowel movement. Such a condition is called bleeding hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids are actually a particular case of internal hemorrhoids. Bleeding can result from an anal fissure (a crack or tear in the skin of anus).  If you suspect you have an anal fissure and not hemorrhoids, I have a website dedicated to helping people that are suffering from anal fissures.  I had an anal fissure myself and created www.healfissures.com to help others stop the pain and heal their anal fissure by using an all natural oil called H-Fissures.   A special case of bleeding associated with hemorrhoids is thrombosed bleeding hemorrhoids in which blood becomes clotted (thrombosed) in a swollen vein in the anal area and then comes out from the anus. Besides swelling, symptoms associated with this condition include pain and itching/irritation. The bleeding itself is a result of friction due to rubbing or passing a hard stool (constipation). 

Detecting Bleeding Hemorrhoids

The most obvious symptom of bleeding hemorrhoids is the color of the blood seen in the stool or toilet. Bright red blood is a sign of bleeding hemorrhoids while dark red, dark brown, or black blood points to some other medical problem.  Rectal bleeding may be a sign of other conditions like rectal tissue infections or rectal cancer. To correctly diagnose the condition as bleeding hemorrhoids your doctor may have you undergo certain diagnostic procedures like a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. 

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are things that you can do to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with bleeding hemorrhoids, but none of them actually heal the bleeding hemorrhoid.  The fastest and safest method to heal your bleeding hemorrhoids is to use an all natural oil called H-BL Hemorrhoids.

The H-BL Hemorrhoids formula is designed to reduce the pain and swelling associated with having bleeding hemorrhoids.  The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil work to treat the symptoms of the bleeding hemorrhoids and stop the bleeding.  Once the bleeding has stopped you can then start using the H-Hemorrhoids formula to heal the hemorrhoids.